… designing sustainable gardens

Karen Richardson,
Registered Texas Landscape Architect

  • TPWD Texas Wildscapes Certification
  • National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat
  • 1979, Bachelor of Science, Recreation & Parks, TX A&M University
  • 1989, Master’s Degree, Landscape Architecture, TX A&M University

Landscape Architects integrate the environment between that which is built and that which is natural. As a registered Texas Landscape Architect, my practice primarily offers:

  • Residential – Commercial – Public Landscape Design to include drives, parking, walks, garden structures, drainage, and plant materials.
  • Implementation of the landscape design plan to include development of specifications and necessary assistance for its completion.
  • Land Planning.
  • Consultations.

My job as Landscape Architect is to choreograph the ever-evolving dance between all of the natural elements, the client, society and time. My ethic is that we all are merely stewards of the land with a duty to live deliberately and responsibly.

The planet belongs to tomorrow.

native plants · organic · herbs · succulents